Thursday, October 25

Perhaps this is a little personal...

...but if you must know what kind of images give me an orgasm? This one did it for me. h/t to the lovely blog Knit Me, as in, knit me spank me do me and knit me again god oh god oh Damn Good.

The hand-dyed merino in the background would have been enough. The woman wearing this sweater calls herself Harlot, and we totally believe her. And if you don't think there's knitting in the bag she has slung over her shoulder, you don't know anything about anything, good bye.

update: here's the pattern. It's NOT fairisle it's two balls of varigated. Gawd.


  1. Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) is fab. Met her a couple o' times. Nice too. I would give my right leg for her knitting skillz.

  2. I've been working on knitting my boyfriend a scarf for two years.

    I am so ashamed.

  3. Yep, Faith, I've met her too and she's a hoot.

    Kimono: Get off the pot. Ten minutes a day, one stitch at a time. Get 'er done by Christmas or else. Trust me and my personal experience: the curse of the boyfriend sweater does not apply to scarves.

  4. LOL! The curse has a Wiki?!

    The last knit scarf I finished was on a backpacking trip in Ireland during the worst wind storm of the year, in a tiny village right on the coast. OF COURSE I finished it, it was bloody cold that day, and the night before I had walked a mile from the pub in horizontal rain fortified with a few pints of Guinness.

    It would seem that in order to finish this scarf I need to repeat the cold, dreary, wet misery of a vicious storm on the Irish coast and nurse a few pints. Maybe.

  5. GREAT idea, KH. It's a cold rainy day here, I knit over a thousand stitches on my scarf today and now I'm nursing a pint meself. All of the above are totally, totally compatible. (cheers.)

    BTW it's never about the boyfriend and always about the knitting/blogging/fulfilling your creative mission. The guardian angel of your creative blood is a jealous lesbian who will not harbor it being for the boyfriend. Knitting or whatever the frick you decide will be your art is for you and you alone, no matter who you give it to when the current project is finished. Just saying.

  6. I must confess, I never thought of knitting as "hot" until I read this ... yikes!


  7. Knitting or whatever the frick you decide.
    I will testify to the fact that it is impossible to herd sheep while you are thinking about the lamb chops.
    But you can enjoy the lamb chops while remembering the sheep.

  8. Anonymous8:30 AM

    You must fly in for Rhinebeck next year. What a blast :) I had hoped to run into Stephanie all day at the festival.. but never did. I agree. Shes a hoot, and her skillz are amazing (ever witness her "production knitting"? Its amazing to watch)

    I love the Kauni cardigan. Its in my queue. I'm waiting until after the holidays though.. when things generally slow down.

  9. knitting can also be done by this spider-like machine made of legos

  10. That sweater just got me all hot.

  11. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I know nuttin' about knittin'

    But that sweater is hot. Or at least, it makes the gal wearing it, like, look gorgeous.

    FWIW, my lil girly has been getting a slew of hand knits from her gramma in Sydney (Oz) and I am completely blown away by not just the shear volume of booties, mits, hats, sweaters (matinee jackets), blankets and hoodies, but the detail, colors, patterns.. it literally melts my brain. I mean, that level of skill, proficiency, never mind the patience! (and of course, teh Luv, in every knot)

    Imagine a world where stitchers got the re$pect that entry level coders get at Google.

  12. You didn't tell me you were a knitter...What will Mother say?



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