Saturday, October 27

Saturday Song

A friend's definition of "favorite movie": You're having sex with the motel TV on (not part of my experience but I'll roll with it) and all of a sudden you realize the favorite movie is on. You tell your partner it's time to stop what you're doing and watch. Oy.

But if he has never seen Truly, Madly, Deeply...that would be the one. I'm gonna post a shorter clip because I want you to rent the whole thing if you haven't seen it. One thing I love about this clip is, it's two very intelligent creative people, obviously turned on by each other's brains, having fun together. (Nevermind one of them is dead and has come back as a ghost. Like that's a roadblock to a relationship. Please.)


  1. Well, I do think necrophilia is a bit to far, but I agree about the "intelligence" connection.

    Brains are sexy.

    Oh yes, I've seen thousands of movies and remember very few. I might have viewed this one, but it could just be a dream.

    While I'm here, do you mind if I steal your foul-mouthed blogger button?

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM


    If I'm making love to my wife no TV movie is going to distract me.

    I think someones love life is either shallow or near the end if they decide that to watch TV.

    Yes, I will stop watching the Big Game if my wife gets the notion. That's why they invented TiVo


  3. for obvious reasons (chronic corporeal and temporal challenges) some of my best friends are ghosts....

    wikipedia also has an interesting article on this particular film.... link

    Stone love - she kneels before the grave
    A brave son - who gave his life to see the slogan
    That hovers between the headstone and her eyes
    For they penetrate her grieving......

    ..... Love is careless in its choosing - sweeping over cross a baby
    Love descends on those defenseless
    Idiot love will spark the fusion
    Inspirations have I none - just to touch the flaming dove
    All I have is my love of love - and love is not loving
    Soul Love..... David Bowie

  4. BG- this is not actually available to rent according to IMDB. I tried to add it to netflix and it was saved, but not in my queue as it is not available. So although it looks interesting if you have not seen it yet as I haven't you will just have to do without, I guess.

  5. Libraries might have it. There are used DVD's for sale on the web, though they seem to be expensive. Sigh. It's a good one. It was Anthony Mingella's first film (he of The English Patient and Cold Mountain).

  6. Anonymous11:04 PM

    You know, I saw this only once, ages ago. It was my introduction to Alan Rickman who could read the phone book to me and I would sit mezmerized.

  7. What dcup said...

    Check your local library for copies if you cannot find elsewhere, BTW.

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    i saw this movie not long after the end of a relationship where i was truly, madly, etc...

    i cried so hard at the end of the movie that the usher at the movie theatre became concerned and had to help me from my seat... i didn't stop crying for two days and after that... i was ready to face the world -- and love -- again.

    i can't say a movie changed my life, but it did help change some of my perceptions of my life.

    PS: Alan Rickman was a tutor at an acting program i attended a few years later and he was very intelligent and interesting.

  9. Good pick! I've seen Juilet Stevenson twice on stage, and she's fantastic - but if you've seen the film or this clip, you know that!


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