Monday, October 1

Blue Gal Vlog 10/1

Yeah yeah file this one under "fourteen minutes of your life you'll never have again" and you won't be interested at all unless you're into

a. the knitting creative process,
b. my seamstress brain's reaction to Silence of the Lambs, or
c. what kind of bras I wear.

Salon tonight I'll have the link up later as usual. xoxo

UPDATE: If you think I'm making up this whole knit the bra cup thang I'm serious. Make your own bra online tutorial is here.

Crocheted thong and knit bra from Interweave Knits magazine, Spring 2007.

Ugliest hand-knit bra evah, but they do provide a pattern, ick, is here.

Great examples of what "fair isle" looks like in sweaters, here.

Up yours for stealing my thunder, Wapo.


  1. you really are very talented at sewing and knitting. the tiny, tiny pattern is terrfic.

    as to bras. victoria's secret a few years ago, used to keep my size in a drawer!!!

    i was so thrilled to be going there to buy a bra. i had saved up to splurge on myself and DAMN, had to ask the sales associate where the 34 a's were. in a drawer, hidden away.

    now tho, they are out with the rest. geezz thanks. ; )

    silence of the lambs was filmed fairly close by. that movie was one of only a handful that creeped me out.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Bra-Vo, Blue! :)

  3. Would you believe, I watched the WHOLE THING? An addict, that's what I am, a total BG addict.

    Totally funny about the bra with the insert :-)

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Wha ???

  5. Last year I knit a bikini top for a friend's bridal shower. I knit in wint-o-greens the way you would knit in a bead.

    Yummy. And breath freshening sexy good!

  6. Sorry I can't watch if you're goign to be talking bras. I'm a sucker for Quaker vixens who do bra talk.

  7. That was fun. I knitted while watching, mostly so I could say I did. :)

    I was a child during the eighties, so you'd think I'd be used to nuclear armageddon being on the table, but y'know, not so much. It'd be nice if it were taken off.

  8. A side message for Jess: Those Wint-o-greens "spark in the dark". Ooh la la!

    BG: I love when you blog about knitting and get all girly. I haven't tried a bra (yet) but I keep eyeing those lacy little camisoles in Interweave Knits. (The Mister just commented, "You'd better not knit it out of wool, if you want me rubbing up against you." I told him I'd make it out of nettles.)

    I got a sexy silky little piece of lingerie for a shower gift, oh, eons ago. When I put it on, the soon-to-be Mr. Ether told me I looked more comfortable sitting around naked. Sigh.


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