Thursday, October 4

Don't piss I mean, spit, into the wind...

There are certain rules in life it only makes sense to follow.

And giving a small dig to a big box blogger, one of the biggest, for one post, certainly seems like an exercise in getting self-induced urine stains on your own clothing.

So I won't link or get any attention for this one, but I mus' say:

duncan honey you could have come to me


  1. He is an excellent example of why,as a Canadian,I distinguish between liberals and progressives,and I'm not even talking about Liberals(tm)!

  2. When Burma becomes a hot topic at ThinkProgress or Media Matters, I'm sure he'll get around to linking to it :-)

  3. is this somebody i should know?


  4. Being a blogger has a sort of societal responsibility to it that goes beyond documenting the minutia of a baseball game. But that's just me.

  5. BG are you going after the BBB? I just saw a message about a Burma blogswarm today, so posted something at Yikes!



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