Sunday, October 7

The wives of the candidates - The Barbie Doll Edition

One thing I really hate about press coverage of the candidate's wives is the sense that they are so often treated in the media like Barbie dolls rather than actual women. Then I just decided to go with it.

Geri Thompson Barbie: Google image search brings up 177,000 Barbies matching the description of Jeri Thompson. I picked this one because I didn't have to re-size it.

Fred Thompson's first lady herself is quoted in a recent AP article: Mrs. Thompson said, "I almost think they had to fabricate that trophy-wife stuff because there's nothing interesting to say."

Wow, that's really interesting.

Elizabeth Kucinich Barbie: comes with a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Theology and a Master's degree in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, along with a vegan Whole Foods shopping bag.

Mrs. Kucinich's tongue stud (sheeeeeeeit the f-ing revenge of the nerd just. never. stops!) is not included.

Judith Giuliani Barbie: as shown.


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    We're on the same page again: I did an Action Figures post, and you did Barbies. Maybe we should team up and do a follies?



  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    These are great. I agree. In the media mostly what is talked about is their appearance and nothing is said to imply they have any substance. Are they trying to get us to vote for men based on suggested virility?

  3. Looks are nice, but brains are nicer.
    Looks and brains together are rare.

    You do raise a good point. No one's reduced Hillary's husband to mere looks alone or implied HER suggested virility.

  4. bg, you've outdone yourself.
    have you seen what's over at melissa's? be proud. i would never have thought of this.

    says way more than at first read.

  5. BG
    you are a treasure
    that was the funniest thing i have read in a long time

    thanks for the laughs...

    and of course we know these barbies have NO genitalia ...

    what about the Mitt Ken Doll?

  6. This is brilliant! I love it. Thanks BG, I needed to laugh and did I ever when I saw this.

  7. barbie girl cover

    life in plastic..... it's fantastic

  8. Since "revenge of the Nerds' involved a rape-by-impersonation as part of the plot,and some pretty misogynistic voyeurism,I prefer to label this phenomena as Revenge of the Geeks.
    Also,Geeks are more threatening to the frat-boy status quo than Nerds.:)

  9. Standing and applauding.

  10. Most excellent post. My daughter is five and a bit young for Barbie or at least we delaying the exposure as long as possible like what you are suppose to do with drugs and teenagers. However, she does have Little Tikes figures for her purple A-Frame doll house (that is resplended with minature versions of the Cozy Coach and Turtle Sandbox) and two of these dolls are deadringers for Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama.

  11. Anonymous1:32 AM

    So you really need a cross dressing Guiliani doll......
    with high heels

    HE HE

  12. i have a pic of the ann coulter barbie if you want it

  13. What IS it about politician wives that produces this sort of plasticized Stepfordiana? Does Mattel issue them their Barbie personas when their husbands begin their first campaign?

    And OT but just a quick thank-you from the Peeper's daddy for your delightful rendition of the meanest mommy song (his mommy doesn't blog but laughed all the same). He has requested it several times since we first saw it. You have a fan, it seems,

  14. This is great BG. For a long time I had a magnet on my refrigerator that said "I want to be Barbie ... the bitch has everything!"


  15. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Actually, the Judith Giuliani Barbie is relatively inexpensive, but the accessories will break the bank.

  16. Anonymous1:37 PM

    (Sound of coffee splattering screen)

  17. Love it so much I threw you a link. I'd like to see uncle Bill added to the list.

  18. Anonymous11:14 PM

    shakespeares sister shows what's mixed up about the Giulliani doll:

  19. What's your take on the Michelle Obama Barbie?

    I came over from Kelly's blog, by the way.


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