Wednesday, October 3

It was only a matter of time....

...before "Tancredo Girl" went viral on YouTube.

She's profiled here, if you missed it.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I can't even begin to wrap my mind around this one.

    I just get hung up on the question: Is she for real? And does she not own a mirror?

  2. Shhhhhh! That's what we look like to them!
    Remember,their plant is still only getting black and white transmissions.

  3. *their planet

  4. She reminds me Lady Elaine Fairchilde. The puppet from the Land of Make-Believe? Of maybe it's the fact that she looks sorta lacquered...

  5. Okay,now that I'm caffeinated again,this situation has a certain logic to it.
    Naturally someone who would publicly say "I hate all Iranians" would think that was a good look.
    If they don't know what they sound like,how would they know how they come across?
    More proof that the Neo-con tories are so insulated from reality that they no longer know how to put up a facade for appearances' sake.
    Can you say 'exploitable weakness?' Sure you can. They can be depended upon to overplay their hand.

  6. if the hair was sort of reddish, yep, lady elaine!

  7. ... hmmm, I wonder if its only me, but i find her eerily similar in look to the guy who sings in Spandau Ballet,...

  8. i saw this one in the news this morning..... another fine example of a Republican appointee? certainly a Republican goon.

  9. Anonymous5:23 PM

    If she(?) smiled just a bit more I swear you would see some blood dripping from her(?) fangs.

    ( the children of the night.)


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