Saturday, October 20

Saturday Song: The Hives

Apparently the latest cream of cool band. Great vid, but I coulda done without the building exploding at the end. I mean, I like art museums. and there's too much blowing up stuff.

Whoever directed this video has attended to at least one installation fo' sho. The installers usually find one point in the project when it comes to them that, given that it's three in the morning and the installation still isn't half ready, they could instead blow the whole exhibit up with half a stick and call it "carnage art". In fact, let's dedicate this song to Morse.

Okay Youtube is giving me shit. Watch it here and sorry 'bout that.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM


    Great song and so appropriate to dedicate it to Morse.



  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Tengrain stole my comment. But it is teh awesome!

    Many thanks, BG.

  3. more on the hives

    the primitive nature of garage rock offers a remarkable framework for addressing often overlooked aspects of societal substrata.

    at what point were the Stones no longer a garage band? from protoype to revival: paint it black


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