Wednesday, April 2

Bad Democrat no pantsuit panties.

I'm going to write up a little more about Hillary Clinton today.

Earlier today Drifty made a joke about Taylor Marsh and referenced "little green pantsuits." Some commenters are using the word "misogyny" in response. The gentleman from Chicago hardly needs any defense from me, but I did find this video at, ahem...

Hillary Clinton dot com

and I thought I would share it as a reminder.

Folks, if your candidate can have a sense of humor (and clearly she does) I think it should be a lesson for y'all.

Then a fellow blogger, a Hillary supporter who works very very hard and does not get nearly enough credit for it imho, wrote me to say that they thought Obama would get a pass or even a cheer, because Rupert Murdoch's daughter is fundraising for him, while Hillary Clinton got slammed for a fundraiser that Rupert his own self held for her early on.

I wrote back to this blogger:

From: Blue Gal -- yeah I call bullshit on any Murdoch working for any democrat. thanks.

And I do. Rupert Murdoch and his money have been an incredibly destructive force in this world. Period. Senators Clinton and Obama should say so, throw the blood money back in their Murdoch faces, and stop making nice.

I got this reply:

From: fellow blogger -- "I hope you know that Obama is a conservative."

I've tried to put the past six months behind me, but I just had to write back.

oh you make me laugh. You're talking to a KUCINICH supporter. Obama is my FOURTH choice. Hillary is my FIFTH.

And McCain didn't make the cut.

I just wish Fidel Castro would come in as a savior and end this madness.


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    No more fucking electoral politics for me until the general.

  2. You know, Rupert Murdoch is hell spawn, and so anything he or his own spawn do is worthy of questioning. Unfortunately, they aren't saying much about her intentions so I can't pass judgment on her support. I mean, haven't some of the Reagan children come out in support of Obama too? The other key question, both regarding Hillary and Barack is whether they sought these endorsements.

  3. BG, I haven't read the post, but I must say one thing. You know I love you ... but ... there is a difference between Hillary poking fun at herself and a man, however wonderful he might be, doing the same thing. Think of it like this. There are certain words African Americans can use, when talking with (or about) each other that a white person should never use. There IS a difference.


  4. BAC -

    True, and something to be careful of. Sensitivity is going to be heightened during a campaign (for obvious reasons) and you have to avoid saying anything that you might get away with among friends.

    See also: Some of my best friends are [etc]


    Comparing a crack about pantsuits to "the N word" is a non-starter.
    I understand that you are making a comparison of type, not magnitude, but the vast difference in magnitude actually transforms this into a difference of type.

  6. No, Obama is not a conservative, and no matter how many imaginary shoulder pads a Kucinich supporter can pretend that their candidate is wearing, he was still just a glad-handing, half-witted opportunist in my opinion.

    Ron Paul for VP? Need I say more? Nancy Pelosi said it best at this link.


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