Tuesday, April 1

One last thing for today....

Breaking: Gloria Steinem to "Sir" Rush: Gee, your hair smells terrific!

dreamy Ms. Magazine's April issue promises to be a boffo sellout as the editors have finagled a contest to give away a one-night fantasy with everyone's favorite sensitive male, Rush Limbaugh.

Last night we caught up with Rushie and his new love interest Gloria Steinem, at the Fashion Institute's benefit honoring the history of the long line girdle. Ms. Steinem was clearly hoping for an intimate evening, but for the sake of the magazine she did let us in on how she acquired the talents of the shy, retiring gentleman from Cape Girardeau: "Well," she said, blushing demurely, "being such a huge fan of Limbaugh, I told him that I listen to him every morning and I think he works too hard. We Ms. girls got together after scrapbooking class and decided to do him a favor and find him a girlfriend because we think he's too busy to date, poor guy, and to our surprise, Sugar Booger was a good sport about it and agreed."

The lucky winner, who will be selected just in time for Mother's Day, will win a free dinner with Rush at her choice of Hooters or Olive Garden, and tickets to a screening of "I Think I Love My Wife."

(happy April Fool's Day, everyone)

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