Wednesday, April 23

Shirley Temple is 80 today.

(h/t David E.) There is so much social history in this clip demonstrating about what needs fixing in America regarding race, gender, war, incarceration, and well, there's just too much.

But happy birthday Shirley.

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  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    As children, me and my siblings grew up with movies my mom and pop took us to, and the TV they let us watch.

    Shirley in the movies was one we got to see. In both mediums.

    We were raised in our youth overseas, in 3rd world countries at the time. We spoke a few languages, we ate all KINDS of foods, we had to play and interact with those NOT like us.

    We came to the USA, and began to see the Shirley movies, and it SO contrasted with the hate, ugly, nasty things among others in the schoolyards we were in we'd never dealt with so much overseas.

    Yer spot on BG, once again. There's a LOT of unsettled healing we just REFUSE to get to in this nation.

    Dawg help us all. Woof.


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