Friday, April 18

Just a little E-Card for the Democratic Party.

And in happier news, betcha Howard is already ensuring we never have another "seventh-inning stretch" in the Democratic Primary season. Ever. And this one ends in four days. Happy Friday.

Image from here.


  1. You find all the cool links;
    thanks for sharing!

  2. This primary "season" is a corollary
    to the "The other line moves faster" adage.

    All the states that moved up to prevent it all being over and done before it got to them?

    Super Tuesday?

    One can't help but wonder how it would have played out under "normal" conditions.

    Jamming things together certainly didn't have the economy of scale that was advertised or make the selection process less painful...

  3. this was just too perfect.

  4. i cannot wait until primary season is over. it is getting as bad as christmas starting in august.


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