Saturday, April 5

Yarn Stash: Container Three
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Porn on the internet? Yep, I just go to flickr and "search everyone's photos" for


And spank yourself if you looked at this photo and said, "Noro!!!"

(that's the yarn company for non-knitgeeks)

I love the title of the photo, too. Ha.

And if you think I'm crazy, remember that there are some smarter knitters out there who always keep "emergency sock yarn" handy.

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  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Went to to this Quaker thing todayin Philly, a workshop for teachers on restorative justice practices, and there were two teachers in the front row (front pew) who came in, sat down, pulled out their knitting, and went at it while the speakers presented, just knitting away and nodding along the whole time...

    Very serene. Somehow seemed to fit.


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