Sunday, April 20

Coincidence? I think not.

NO that's not the actual logo, folks.

There are not enough women writing about politics in the blogosphere. Look at the signatories of this important letter. I count about, what, 4% female?

Next weekend is Take Back The Blog. More on this after Tuesday's Primary, but I wanted my regular readers to have advance notice.

I'm organizing TBTB this year. I guess Arianna was busy.

Please think about ways that we can encourage more women who are already blogging, about their kids, their knitting, whatever (and you know I blog about that stuff here too sometimes, so I'm not judging) to take a leap and write about what can change this country for the better.

Is it about feeling safe to do so? Ya think?


  1. Will do Blue Gal, I agree 100%. The more voices in the world the better says I

  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Um, take back the blogs seems to ME to be a gender neutral issue.

    But if there's a need for you, or anyone, to declare a lack of women's voices in the blogosphere, then get on it. I'll champion anything I agree with!!! *G*

    I read anything that interests me.

    I'm not much into knitting, though.

    But I read you. ;-)

    I'm REAL disappointed with two SUPPOSED major blogs by women I gotta tell ya.

    FDL. Digby.

    Failed me, as a progressive, and as I share and discuss with my wife who agrees, they fail women like Shilary and Gerry Ferraro failed women.

    But it seems I keep finding OTHER blogs to read.

    But EmptyWheel still rocks when she's on the trail of injustice. Phoenix Woman, too. Shakespeare's Sister. A few others I forget for now . . . .

    N you've pointed me to a few now and then again.

    Yer in my 5. Keep talking . . . . there's a lot to talk about, doncha think? *G*

    Thanks for your voice. The panties? My wife's got some I like . . . n they fit. *G*

  3. What might I, a ma-an, do to help?

    A knight's errand! I shall scour the tubes and deliver forthwith, a score of fresh, well a couple of... at least ONE voice to join the chorus.

    By your leave...

  4. BG, I'm sure there are some who would like for me to STFU ... but I refuse ... 'cause I'm just that kind'a grrl! ha



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