Friday, April 4

Because there are women worth listening to.

Lots of them. But today I like this one right here. She uses her position on the stage to say something. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings:

Women (and men) who use their position on the stage to...well, she should be off the air. And if she had said the same thing about Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter? Still.

Now if she wants to say that every single member of Congress is a fucking whore to the oil companies and airline industry and insurance companies and big pharma and the fundies? Okay. That's a policy statement, not an ad hominem attack.

BTW I'm doing the round up for the next three days so if you see (or write) something good email me. Just know that readers at the big blogs are out in their gardens, too.


  1. That is a GREAT video - love it.

    As for the aforementioned attack, well that was so wrong and hurts us all.

  2. Love this band. I've introduced 'em to a few folks. This just makes 'em more awesome.


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