Tuesday, April 1

In my volumnuous spare time...

This is your brain on knitting. In knitting. Anatomically correct, bitchez. From The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art. Not making that up. Thanks Sandy for the image xo.

So this spring I'll be...

felting my own dryer lint(1),

spinning pill bottle cotton into yarn(2), and

crocheting plastic grocery bags into totes(3).

(1) Oh, you actually have to do laundry to make that. Nevermind.

(2) I'm waiting to die before I spin. Seriously.

(3) Actually the totes look pretty useful, especially for kids' wet swimsuits in the summertime. But then again, I usually just use a grocery bag for that without all that crocheting...voila look at the time I saved!

I noticed the babes at FireDogLake are pursuing a "Knitting Liberally" thing and I'm in...as long as I can simultaneously drink wine and I don't have to make anything cute or for charity. That sounds bitchy but my knitting time is way too precious for cute or charity.


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Looks like the spaghetti monster, flying through space...

  2. Thanks for this post; I feel like A Bad Knitter on Ravelry because I don't feel the need to spin...

  3. My husband's first wife (yes, I'm #3!) viaited us from Vermont a couple of weeks ago. She and her husband have been spending the last few summers in Tanzania as volunteers working with the Maasai. She brought along a little boy my daughter's age who is living with them till he turns eighteen. Leyeyo and my daughter are now 'best friends'.

    They've been teaching the women there (who do all the work) some skills to improve their quality of life and make some money, along with micro-loans to get capital for their small businesses.

    One of the ways they have been doing that it to crochet those plastic bags into tote bags to sell to tourists! They have been doing really well with it.


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