Monday, April 14

You know what I hate?

I hate that people who have much more interesting and free-flowing lives than I do....

...send me their text messages by accident.

I dunno, anthony, it depends. Is there a "Club Wet" in Vancouver?


  1. Are you thinking Club Wet might be a euphemism?

  2. No, the sad thing is, Freida, it isn't.

    Pricey drinks, loud music, and meeting single professionals in an awkward environment. To my mind it sounds like a brand new circle for Dante.

  3. My opinion Blue Gal, you got punked. The message probably originated from somebody at Club Wet, who sent it to thousands of people as a promotional tool. Grassrooting at the handheld level.

    I could be wrong, but it has a certain odor. You may even have been specifically targeted because you are a blogger.

  4. That's possible. But anthony did not hide his return phone number and he responded personally when I replied "no catherine here". Still.

  5. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Maybe that fucking "attract a man" spell thingie you had in your vid last week is working, but the aim is off just a little?


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