Monday, April 21

Vlogging about blogging and more help for new bloggers, I hope.

Over the past week I've noticed people posting youtubes to their blogs and the image is either cut off or running over their column margins. Just to be helpful to everybody (because what is on your blog is none of my business) here's a post I did earlier on how to post a youtube to your blog. Most people already know how, but just in case.

The new blogger I mention, Rechtaw, is here. I also am responsible in part for kicking Physioprof's ass into the blogosphere, but Physioprof is responsible for kicking my ass into serious knit blogging over on Ravelry starting when, today? Oh fuck, you're kidding. You're fucking kidding.

I so need to re-connect to my past knitting life. Oh nevermind.

A good review of the book I quote, Art & Fear, is here.

UPDATE: Hey, while we're looking at our blogger belly buttons, Godless Liberal Homo points out this 2006 article which says only five percent of internet users have their own blogs and only 0.1 percent post to blogs daily. If only Milton had known about Shakespeare's lousy posting habits.

And I did find that GLH post by checking my Technorati links. (Busted.)


  1. Ummm, thanks.

    The video problem was something with's embed. Switching to the youtube version was the easy fix.

    When I run into something that's not available anywhere else, I'll think about tackling the embed bug.
    Until then, things are peachy.

    I got yelled at for posting a 28 minute youtube. But in many ways that was the point of the post.
    Not to make the reader watch the whole thing (but well worth the watch), just to show that we used to actually have a media that talked in-depth about issues to help further our understandings.

    For anyone who's unaware
    Intenet Archive

    Warning: the above site will take you to unexpected places, times and delights.
    (home of the wayback machine)

  2. When will Blue Gal renounce and deject this insidious scholarly revisionism and vicious blogless burgeoning obiter dicta-slinger beatings?

    Why, it's worse than whatever last week's outrage was, my friends.


  3. i had to get a new computer so while i was at it i got a webcam.

    i wanted to post me reading a few of my poems on my blog.

    but, you know me. i'm still really bad at anything other than e-mail and so i can not figure out how to put the video or just an audio(in case i chicken out)on my blog.

    what do you use?? thanks.

  4. What a doll you are. Thanks again for the C&L link love, I'm humbled you noticed.

  5. Good point about a different medium. I think I've put only one of my old essays up, but may do more in the future. Related to you going through old papers, I found it pretty wild to go through my old high school notebook for "philosophy," all my own thoughts riffing in part on what I'd be studying. I did so late one spring while teaching... philosophy. It made it really interesting talking with my students, because many of the ideas that so grabbed me when I was 16-18 were the same set grabbing my students, and the same set that still hit me then, at 24. Maybe not the biggest time difference, but I had forgotten I had written about a lot of these things alreay, and the child is father to the man, as the poem goes.


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