Wednesday, April 30

Funniest image I've seen all month.

If you have time to track the "progress" of your posts? Come clean my house.


  1. A person can schedule blogging? No way...

  2. Great.. More paperwork for the inbox. Whoever came up with this is a sick twisted non-blogger who doesn't realize the process has several more steps. Fomenting, foaming, congealing, skipping the meds, then gnawing through the restraints, fabricating the tin foil hat while cackling wildly.

    Maybe I'm not as anti-torture as I'd thought. Seems almost a reasonable approach to a select group of individuals....

    >glass half full mode on< damn meds...

    probably very functional for starting a fire in the pit...

    If free, I'll take a season's worth.

  3. if someone is tracking their blogging to that extent- i am not sure i want to read the posts :)

  4. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Whoever feels the need to "track" their blogging, needs to get out more!

  5. BG, will you send them to my house when they are done?


  6. They omitted the step about removing the curse words.


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