Sunday, April 6

Careful folks, blogging can kill you.

And none other than The New York Times says so. Fortunately our heroine has read the article...


  1. LOL at the movie. You better be careful there BG, we don't want to lose you.

  2. LOL!!! Too funny!

    You look hot, btw, but who's the guy? I'm jealous.

  3. Hi there,

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  4. Too funny.

    And where did that guy get my powder blue leisure suit from?

  5. Excellent video, BG!!


  6. Too bad Oliver Stone has scooped you on the W biopic. You'd have worked wonders with it.

    This was brilliant.

  7. I'm bummed I didn't get to see the whole movie - it looked like a real thriller!

  8. I read about this.....the other day.... and I thought, "What a load of crap!". It may well be the thing that saves us from total ruination! Personally I don't think that we can aff----


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