Thursday, April 17

I just wish...

Zencomix would stop sugarcoating it.

Rushing about today 1 kid special French class breakfast at school (who knew croissants could be crunchy?) 2 kids to dentist one to OT and grocery shop and flop.


  1. Are you saying that crunchy croissants lead to dental work?

  2. "I like my sugarcoatings bittersweet."
    Zen Hussein Comix, small town America

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Treat yourself to a glass of wine. I wonder how parents do it. I'm tired just reading your timetable for the day.

  4. Yeah and then my youngest's ride didn't show and they called from school to tell me so I turned around and went to get her and so Junior dude was ONLY fifteen minutes late to OT then I was out of gas and got that with youngest, got her some juice, picked up junior, picked up middle child downtown (my full tank of gas is now 3/4). Took all three kids for pizza but the pizza place was OUT OF BEER. (they only serve draft bud and their pump is broken).

    All three kids are now bathed jammied and in bed. Oh. Dad just got home and is playing solitare.


    I'll be a "single mom" in about eight weeks. Think I can handle it?

    So thank you I think will have that glass of wine.


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