Friday, April 25

Yet another reason to leave Alabama...

Love and kisses to the beautiful people
coming here from Crooks and Liars.

I'm moving out of Alabama in the next few weeks. As if I needed an extra special reason to move, I used this handy tool to find out who in my zip code had given contributions to Presidential Candidates of over 200 dollars.

In my current zip code in Alabama,

20 people made a contribution of that size to Fred Thompson.
25 to Rudy Giuliani.
6 to Duncan Hunter.
6 to Tom Tancredo...oh wait...the 6 for Tancredo all came from the same guy. Nevermind about that.
and 29 to Mike Huckabee.

And in my new zip code, 66 percent of the contributions went to Barack Obama. And Duncan Hunter got zero. Whew.


  1. Good luck with your move BG. The Unruly Mob at Les Enrages have nominated you for an "Excellent Blog" award! Look here!

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Well? Where the fuck you movin' to?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. The best view yet will be the one in the rear view mirror...Bon voyage!


  4. Oh dear.

    And I've been more of a lurker than anything and no salon of late.

    All good wishes on your move dear BG.

  5. Blue Gal,
    In sorrow at your imminent departure, I have arranged for a very large man to moon our entire zip code with his cast-iron heinie -- in perpetuity. Best of luck to you in your new digs.

  6. moioci is referring, of course, to Birmingham's statue of Vulcan, the god of iron. Garrison Keillor commented that mooning Homewood Alabama was okay when the statue was built "but there are decent people living there now."

  7. "Moooooo-vin' On Up!..."

    a.k.a. A step in the Right Direction. To the Left.

    I've been an e-stranger and don't know the details, but I hope this is all for the better for you. In the past I've made painful and permanent changes which proved productive for me, and I wish at least that for you.

    Your future might well be brighter when you've moved out of that Moon-shadow.


  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Good luck on the move. Hope you love your new home.

  9. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Out of the red and into the blue! Congrats!!!

    Life is just better in the blue. *G*

  10. good luck and happy trails to you as roy rodgers and dale evens used to sing! ; )

  11. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Alabama, one of the REDDEST...
    Of course I don't know you, but for some strange reason I feel relieved you are getting out of the Red Zone. Unfortunately, the political dynamics of the deep south will probably never change. Moving is exhausting and I bet it's difficult for the kids too. Good Luck and keep up the great work, (after you unpack.)

  12. I'm on my way ou of Alabackwards too. If you make it to LA, give me a shout. If you make it partway, give me two shous.

  13. Must be coming to Southern California. Northern San Diego county no doubt. duncan hunter country.

  14. There are very few zip codes as liberal as 01060.

    I hope that's your new one.

    -Takes one t'know one.

  15. Anonymous11:24 AM

    You know, I grew up in Louisville, KY, fairly far North but still the home of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (say howdy to its President and read his blog here:
    and left ASAP at the end of the '60s because of the religion and politics.
    Guess what? That religion & politics has metastasized to the nation at large. While I can well understand your move BG, you'll find there's a sufficiency of peckernecks everywhere...

  16. Heh. I live in a red state, but like it says on my blog header, I reside in "the left side of a red state." Maybe I understated a little...

    Here is the breakdown in my zipcode -

    Obama ---- 65
    Kucinich - 14
    Edwards -- 11
    Ron Paul -- 9
    Clinton --- 7
    McCain ---- 5
    Huckabee -- 1
    Brownback - 1
    Romney ---- 1
    Thompson -- 1
    Rudy 9-11 - 1

  17. Wow blue girl 14 Kucinich and you don't live in Ohio, either. He doesn't show up much because these numbers only show donations over 200 bucks.

  18. Change is as good as a holiday.
    Thanks for everything you do.

  19. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Have wanted out of here so much for so long but tied down economically. Won't it seem too strange to be in a land of wisdom and commonsense? Absolutely green with envy. Good luck.


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