Wednesday, April 2

Rub that candle if you get impatient....


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I am very angry that I now know there is a ringtone called "My Humps". I never knew how fucking glad I was that I didn't know that until now.

  2. Spray-on canola does tend to reduce the efficacious qualities of the spell, for those rubbing enchantedly at home.


  3. I'm telling Stephen that you've been lighting your fire with canola and hard,glistening,pink wax.

    He's all mine now, for sure. (Unless I find out that he's posted a picture of his abs on his myspace page.)

    BTW, what the hell kind of mailing lists are you on, and how do I get on those lists?

  4. Good video. It's about time you started working with props.

  5. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Keep rubbing that candle -- your traffic is about to go through the roof! Perhaps a stubbier candle would work better? It would for me anyway.

    (See, you're already attracting the luv.)

  6. I don't trust any of that newfangled "technology" stuff that doesn't involve the use of eye of newt. I have my principles.


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