Friday, April 11

But of course...

...he's a systems analyst.

And so is he:

I love working with guys who make their own armor to, you know, work on the database. Database, by the way, is never a verb. And if your boss asks you if you databased today? You are soo fraked.


  1. It would be nice to have a head of IT where using database as a verb was the worst that he has said. Actual quotes follow:

    "May 1st, isn't that Cinco de Mayo?"

    "Well, I didn't come to this meeting with an agenda, but I do have a list of things I want to talk about."

  2. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Life is hard.

    Then you die.

    Wusses never had to walk 7 miles thru hip deep snow uphill BOTH ways just to get to school.


    If one don't like their life in IT land, get out.

    Retrain. Reinvent yer selves. Put down the $5 specialty latte and save money, ya know?

    Go to chef's school, see what THAT shit's like, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last a month in THAT biz once out of school, it's the same schedule if you want to have an income . . . . of cheap.

    'Kin Wusses. Want fries with that? ;-)

    Life is gonna get ugly, soon, fast.

    IT will be a thing of a past. IT won't exist.

    Databases won't matter. *G*

  3. Haha. I knew some guys who made their own armor back in college. Shocking, I know.

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    as a full time dad, part time free lance database dumpster diver I don't care one flying frak what they call it, s'long as the checks don't bounce. & Do bunny slippers and a thin coat of boogers count as armor?

  5. is that what a tin foil hat looks like?

  6. Anonymous11:48 AM


    This is what a tin foil hat does.
    (work safe, link to das Uber Geeks @ MIT)

    The aliens controlling my mind tell me I'm partial to The Fez



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