Sunday, April 13

A word about "bitter"

Bitters are the defining ingredient in cocktails and the roots from which all cocktails are sprung. Derived from the dark roots, bark, herbs and fruit, the function of bitters is to give any cocktail "body." Bitters often incorporate a secret blend of exotic ingredients. Bitters can range from bitter with a sweet side to old-man-with-a-dog bitter. In either case, they are best served with a nod to their classic heritage.

Mr. Obama appears this morning to be apologizing. But he was explaining the appeal of Lou Dobbs and anti-gay marriage. He got caught doing an intellectual exercise at a wealthy fundraiser, duh. Don't put that exotic cherry in Pennsylvania's drink, Senator, it's a California thing. Instead, let John Edwards tend bar for an hour or two, swizzle in a little "Union Yes" bitters and please don't be afraid to get a little angry as long as it's about the suffering of white people.

Then watch Pennsylvania get a little tipsy over it.


  1. It says a hell of a lot more about the Clinton and McCain campaigns that Obama has to "apologize" for telling the truth than it does about Obama himself.

    The idea that a multi-millionaire lawyer who sat on the board of Wal-Mart can call Obama "elitist," and that a guy who married into wealth, who owns, like, eight homes, and who has a lousy voting record when it comes to the minimum wage, workers' rights, and other issues - forget the fact that he FELL ASLEEP during the hearings on Iraq this week - can call Obama "out of touch" is beyond laughable.

    And the media will spend a week discussing this. Which makes them - and US - kinda stupid.

  2. This should be such a non-story. He apologized for his word choice, but reaffirmed their substance. I have yet to see anyone make a valid, sound argument for being in a tizzy over this. If someone wants to critique it as a media gaffe, fine, but the bigger point is that average Americans are getting screwed, and that's been going on for about 30 years at least. That's the truth, and saying so happenes to be good campaign strategy, too.


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