Monday, April 14

Does anyone else find this kind of stupid?

There are some people who can't bring themselves to vote for a black president, but wouldn't blink, and in fact would thank Jeebus, if this was the team designated to operate on their GRANDCHILD'S BRAIN.
And yeah there is a "three pediatric neurosurgeons walk into a bar" joke in there somewheres...


  1. I am not sure that I trust the white guy. He looks like he might be Norwegian. (They eat a lot of lutkefish, you know.)

  2. BG I would imagine that if someone wouldn't vote for a person because they are black, they would probably object to this team as well. Some people are just stupid.


  3. it continues to baffle me why people think that skin color is directly related to brain power. brains aren't colored. i guess i wish that someday humans will evolve to realize that underneath the skin- we are all the same.

  4. sad but i have seen people here object to a doctor's skin color.

    not so much black but indian.

    if i were the doctor, i don't know how i would react to that attitude.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    They'd probably be OK with it if the white guy was there to do all the "heavy lifting".


  6. Yeah Zaius I think that white guy eats kosher lutefisk though. Even more suspect.

    You'd think the words "Johns Hopkins" would mean something if your child needed brain surgery. But I'm amazed by the whole race thing too. Racism is a real sign of self-harming stupidity. Agreed.

  7. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Given what's about to happen in my little town tomorrow, I'm finding most of America to be kinda stoopid right about now...

  8. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Brain surgery: it ain't exactly rocket science.

    Now, if they could fix a nasal airway, then I would be impressed.


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