Saturday, April 19

Saturday Song

So what's your favorite Dave Mathews Band song? I would have never thought of a Picard/Crusher angle, but then there's very little that ain't on the Youtubes...

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  1. "Hey my love do you believe that we
    Might last a thousand years
    Or more if not for this?
    Our flesh and blood it ties
    You and me right up
    Tie me down"

    our treatment of human sexuality is mostly banal, yet within the framework of existence it represents the only key to anything
    like our concept of immortality.....

    in that sense the sacred and banal meet in our unconscious entwining our most biological and most spiritual desires.

    if human beings were granted the immortality they desire it would transform relations between the sexes in a fundamental way by removing biological dependencies for continuation of the species.

    "Celebrate we will Because life is short but sweet for certain
    Were climbing two by two
    To be sure these days continue,
    These things we cannot change"


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