Sunday, April 27

Oh please.

Could this eventually be the end of the Democratic Party?

Who's asking, Neil Cavuto?

Shut. Up.

I don't know how old PM Carpenter is, but he sure is lacking perspective. In 1968 (which even an old bat like me is too young to remember, for real) people thought the world was coming to an end. Every charismatic leader who said things could get better was taken out and shot. In the United States. Hell, even 1980 was more of a problem in terms of the future of the Democratic Party: Kennedy and Carter had serious disagreements about issues, man. Clinton and Obama, really, truly...not so much. Which in part is why it's so damn nasty.

But the end of the Democratic Party? Get your head outta your belly button, my friend.

In addition, people are feeling like shit because gas is a necessity in this world and none of us can think outside a box where we don't need to use it every single day and we're having a price shock like we haven't had since the 70's and that's scary.

Oh. Food is a necessity, too. And so is housing. And believe it or not people are trying to cut back on both.

And I think a lot of Americans when confronted with the news that people in Haiti are living on dirt biscuits think, there but for the grace of Citibank Visa go I.

But as far as party politics is concerned, take a pill, and make sure it isn't one of those that diminish your sexual function or make you loopy. Priorities, people.


  1. Great image, I hope you don't mind if I swipe it. :)

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Yeah, sorry, but I have to swipe that one, too.

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Pretty soon, we'll be deciding between food, fuel and housing. What's gonna float this month?

  4. What, you don't remember '68, man?

    Rush L., Billy O', and Dickie C with all their draft-avoiding pals 'sticking it' to the 'Man' out in the streets of America, smoking 'tea' bought with the money they conned from their squaresville parents for books and peanut butter, and laying plans to 'off' the vast Left-wing conspiracy started by that pink pig Roosevelt after they'd had all the cheap thrills they could stuff in a hockey sock?

    You young people today, I swear...No sense of history.


  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Well BG, I was there then, in CA, when they begin shooting JFK, then MLK, then Bobby.

    And along the way, let's not forget Reagan was Gov of CA for 8 years while Nixon (may he rot in hell with Reagan) was president, and then Reagan WAS president.

    N then, it all got worse and worse for the masses as they busted unions, outsourced jobs, consolidated media and then big biz to cut jobs, and further outsource jobs and services, and then, viola.

    2000. BushCo Runs Rampant.

    We've all seen this shit coming for decades, any of us with ANY sense of decency and attention paid to loss of civil sides of life.

    The Dem Party is as culpable as anyone else given their lack of action over the decades.


    Cuz they profit from it all, these 1%er's.

    You know this.

    So yeah, here's to the death of the Dem Party, and any business as usual.

    Let's toast, instead, to what we wanted long ago:

    "Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets think of the lowly of birth
    Spare a thought for the rag taggy people
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth"

    I'm down with the rebuilding already.

    I been down with that for decades, since they kilt all the good guys.

  6. Death of the Democratic Party? As much as I'd like to see it happen, it won't. Not as long as they still control half the power in this country. The Democratic Party doesn't deserve to exist, but they will until democracy finally moves its way north across the Americas.

  7. When eloquent words don't seem to penetrate the mind, juxtaposition sometimes will.

  8. We have evolved past our ability to comprehend reality. Our technological advances run at a pace we cannot correctly manage.

    This was a long time coming and it will only get worse. With 7 billion people on board, soon to be 12 billion in a matter of decades, this phenomenon will only grow more prevalent.

  9. A year later (today!) and you're still knockin' my socks off.

    Thanks, 'Gal!

  10. All those people swiping your stuff! And I thought I was the first! Damn!

    You're just too good, Blue Gal!




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