Wednesday, April 23

I hardly ever read Daily Kos...

...let alone link them. But I'm one of the 759 comments in this post, and I'm proud to be, even if she used the term bitches (and I think she did it in a very Tina Fey way, btw). And I feel I should say something about Pennsylvania. I don't think everyone who voted against Obama yesterday is racist. Not a bit. It bothers me, though, to hear that some voters say they will vote for McCain or stay home if Obama is the nominee, and then they have no reason listed as to why. To me, "racist"/"sexist"...and "Democrat" are oxymorons.

And then there's this:


  1. I wish that racist/sexist and Democrat were oxymorons, but this election cycle seems to have brought out the worst in people. There has been so much ugliness both in the MSM and blogosphere that wasn't really noticeable as long as the candidates were white and male. And any "Democrat" who says he would rather vote for McCain isn't really a Democrat at all.

    I am not looking forward to the next six months of insults and mudslinging.

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Yes, the next six months are going to be ugly, but I'm hoping it becomes so obvious and ugly that it prompts a real discussion about racism and the msm finds that it can't fall back on whispers and not very subtle asides. Yeah, I'm probably being a bit too optimistic, but I can still dream, yes?

  3. I think it's important to put your money where your mouth is. I just sent Hillary another $100 last night.

    And not to fear, Peggy ... the primary will be over in about six weeks, and then we can all get on to the business of beating up on McSame!


  4. Pissed, there needs to be a serious discussion of sexism, too. There is more than one "ism" being tossed around in this campaign.


  5. Anonymous12:35 AM

    BAC, the only sexism introduced into this primary race is by those paid by HRC to play the gender card.

    Well, and white males of the 1% right wing republican cloth who registered as dem's or indie's to scuttle Obama.

    And agents of provocation of the 1%.

    And if you quote the MSM for any of THEIR misogynistic ways, I'll know you ain't for real.

    Cuz the MSM don't count anymore and you KNOW it.

    And they ARE misogynistic.

    AND racist, cuz they will do ANYTHING to drag this out, and make ad money.

    Not to mention, they ARE owned by the 1% who does NOT have women's, people of color, or the masses interests at heart.

    Have a nice day. N lighten up.

    There are a HOST of feminist issues that need MUCH more attention than HRC running for president do.

    Supremes. Roe V. Wade.

    Supreme's. Habeus.

    Supreme's. Across the board.

    Glass ceilings.

    Pay equity.

    On and on and on. And HRC is NOT gonna help you much, with any of them issues.

    She's deep into yer wallet, NAFTA, screwing the middle class, outsourcing jobs, media consolidation, big biz consolidation, leveraging stock market special interests, leveraging war machine special interests.

    And sure, I'll take heat for being male, white and suggesting "I" know what women's issues are and how they should be prioritized.

    But hey, it's a free country!!! Well, sort of. More for white males than any females. Or people of color. But we're not here for that. *G*

    But wait, there's SO much more anti HRC that's SO not gender based. But I digress.

    And her GENDER, for MY part, is not my complaint. It's her politics, it's her BOUGHT OUT self and her and Bill's ownership by the 1% I object to.

    I could care LESS if she were described as a vitupritive whiskey shot slinging deer hunting sniper bullet dodging mean spirited B Word (for BG) of a triangulating foul mouthed W Word (Randi Rhodes, again, for BG) for big business.

    Wait. Some of that I DO care about. AIPAC. Triangulating. FoulMouthed. Mean. And ELITIST BELTWAY INSIDER!!!

    Yeah, that's it.


    Uh, did I do the have a nice day bi-partisan BS yet?


    Have a nice day. *G*

    -Progressive short fat balding white male married to woman of same proclivity's. She's the greatest feminist I've known. She schools me. Back in '84 she was pleased I was a Ferraro supporter. Now?

    She's kickin my ass for having voted for her. N she's right. I never WOULD have, in '84, had I known how Ferraro would have erupted and exposed her racist self in '08.

    Oh, n have a nice day, I just thought I'd toss in some personal metrics to endear myself to anyone with an open mind about progressive ideals and goals.

    And feminist one's, too. *G*

    Cuz HRC sure don't have any. *G*

  6. Nah, 72% of my home county in PA, including my immediate family, aren't racist--just bitter.

    [For the record, I actually think the whole "bitter" thing was blown WAY out of proportion, but I just couldn't resist the reference.]

    I really hope those saying they would stay home or would vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee are just talking out of anger or something. They can't possibly mean it, can they?

  7. BAC: I don't think it's going to end just because the primaries are over. It's just going to come from the Republicans and the MSM, and the pseudo-Dems who are planning to vote for McCain. I'm also expecting some "if my favorite had won the primary" whining from Democrats.

  8. Anonymous3:27 PM

    We should all realize that stupid runs across the entire electorate, not just across party lines. As "ugly" as it all is (read: morally deficient) and will continue to be,the bottom line is the much more serious realization that our electorate may be dangerously uneducated. (See "Someone's been peeing in the gene pool again" at Urantian Sojourn.)
    BAC-- you would have been better off spending you $100 on two tanks of gas rather than helping HRC buy more ethically challenged bullshit.
    Thanks for the great list, Larue.

  9. Okay back off of BAC she's a personal friend.

    At this point with the way the count is going we'll have a nominee by June, she said as her famous last words.

    We'll get there folks. Breathe.


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