Thursday, April 10

Dear Condi:

"This is your baby. Go do it."

I hope she runs with McCain so we can examine her record. Betcha she runs off to Stanford to hide, though. I would. And Condi? If I were you I'd pray that there is no God, because if there is and God is just, obviously you're in deep fucking shit for all eternity.

h/t Sandy xo


  1. Nicely said. I think the talk that McCain might nominate her funny, though. He will pick someone like himself.

    Old and stupid.

    Condi only fits the latter part of the bill.

  2. Somebody has to babysit Maverick...Whether on behalf of the oil oligarchies (Rice) or the military-industrial complexity (Graham)...Dick would do it, but he's busy shredding unimportant documents that you needn't concern yourselves about.


  3. i'm curious as to who it will be.

  4. Do you think he would do it?
    She is sneaky, scary, callous and a liar...
    yep, he just might


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