Friday, April 25

Wrong! Just plain wrong!!!

So where do I begin with how wrong this is?

Strapping on a video game device?
A game where a firehose-like stream of urine is the weapon?
A weapon that is used on a cat sitting in a toilet? And pissing hard on the cat gets you points?

Actually, isn't it nice to see something that is wrong on so many levels and has nothing to do with electing a Preznit or bringing justice to the many, many wrongdoers on this planet?

Sigh. Happy Friday.


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    You can buy your copy of Super Pii Pii Brothers at ThinkGeek.

  2. Yeah that's on the video. Unless they pay me I don't need to mention that here.

    Shaven if you know the thinkgeek geeks tell them to "advertise with me, bitchez."

  3. What level of advertising would change it from wrong to right? again, just askin'...

    One of the healthy aspects of video games is the opportunity to do things virtually that one would never do in reality.

    This may be pushing that envelope ever so slightly. The target audience for piss contests wanes drastically in NORMAL folk.
    Leaving I-tube trolls? That means they'll have less time to piss in/on blog comments.

    Then again, from another perspective, it can be seen as:

    *instructive to the male aiming conundrum. For females a better understanding of the geometry, physics and difficulty factors.
    For men, target practice that develops marksmanship.

    *affirming that it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.

    *preparation for perpetual war and wingtard rule. (The trickle down proponents and their theories)

    *an educational tool to teach young'uns the dangers of trying to stuff a non-declawed kitty cat into the commode. (I'm sure youtube videos of same will surely follow.)

    * a clinical glimpse into the pathology of game programmers and players. With real world profiling applications.

    Seriously though, Pii Pii needs to see a virtual urologist. That level of yellow should not be taken lightly.

  4. I join your ain't it awful choir, Blue Gal.

    I'm back, everyone.

    Seventeen days holiday in a hospital is two and a half weeks of my life I'll never get back.

  5. i always thought that i wasn't quite "normal" but the person that thought this up is either not quite right, or has way too much time on their hands to think up crap.
    sad thing, i know some grown men that would love to play this dumb thing. they are really ok sorts but they are the same ones that like to piss outside just because they can.

  6. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Somehow the whole dumbed down thing STILL reeks of taking pleasure from the abuse of another.

    Yakkety Yak posted a thought on this.

    This is bad morals. Pure and simple.

    And somehow, that girl looks like she's getting even with every person that was ever mean to her. Sick shit.

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Look, playing video games IS good for the old "hand-eye coordination," after all...

    Just sayin'...


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