Monday, April 7

Salon Tonight 9 Eastern

As Zaius would say, (and yeah I must get over there and see what he has to say about Heston) "no time for blogging [or vlogging] today!" But salon tonight see you then.

Blue Gal Salon 4/7 hosted by

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  1. Now that my little tiny business has gotten two clients, I have less time. One of my clients and I meet by phone at 8.30pm on Monday nights.

    Deep sigh.

    When I am finished with her at 9.20 or so, I am just wiped out, talked out.

    Thus explains my absence, but my desire to join you all again soon.

    I will turn up at some point.

  2. Yay! I finally remembered to show up! :o) (Late, as usual.) :o(


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