Thursday, April 10

My entry in today's dumpster dive contest...

...if there is one.

Someone in my subdivision threw away this 10x13 fake oriental rug. I went and knocked on their door about it, to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it (they have a dog, and...). They were throwing this one in the landfill "because we got a new one."

So I got the old one. Heh.

Since I know my mortgage on the new casa BG is not going to be zero down, because I'm not an idiot, I'm going to see just how cheap I can be about decorating it. Free is a pretty good price.


  1. Maybe someday I'll find occasion to post a picture of our by the curb oriental rug that someone was throwing away. Good score.

  2. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Blue Gal -

    Get to know Freecycle, and of course Craig's List.



  3. Tengrain beat me to it. A friend of mine in DC furnished her entire DC apartment FREE from Craig's List. I think it helps that we are in a large city, with lots of people moving in and out, so look for a large city close to your new location.


  4. ps: The furniture she found looks great!


  5. Chuck Norris just got a new rug, too! (His doesn't fit very well, though.)

  6. Anonymous2:38 AM

    BG, reminds me of daze of youth . . . when anything left lying around was considered 'available'.

    That's a nice little throw rug . . . good score~ *G*

    Me and mine still keep a wary eye out for 'availables' to keep OUR spending down . . . like gardening for food or herbs, no matter how small, we're all tapping in to our base survival modes . . . out of necessity.

    Hmmm . . . there's a community sponsored radio station in my neck of woods, they do this garage swap show once a week . . . people call in WITH stuff to swap, sell or GIVE away, and others call in for what the would LIKE to find.

    Kewl community stufff. Yer tapped into that vibe, let it roll . . . . n thanks for the bloggin you do, BTW, I don't think I've said that lately . . .

  7. i think you found a neat rug and have great taste!


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