Monday, April 28

Give yourself permission.

A couple of bloggers have expressed guilt and angst this morning over not blogging more. Damn right. You should be blogging every single day no matter what.

Except in May.

I my own type-A self have come to the conclusion that in May there are actually better things to do than blog. So as the self-appointed den mother of the blogosphere, I hereby give you permission to step outside, clean up your house or your yard or take a walk or a bike ride or whatever else you've forgotten about doing.

This image (with it's blue forget-me-nots which I thought a nice touch if I do say so meself) will stay at the top until the beginning of June. Some days in May there will be a fresh post right below, and some days there will not. Because it's May.

Enjoy the springtime, keep the faith, and keep blogging. At least some of the time.


  1. And just how, missy, are us slackers supposed to "pass" the time in our "workplaces?"

    Well, sure, there's work.

    But there's also golf!

    (but please hurry back)

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Phew! Thank you! Because this time of year, those of with kids are magically expected to have an extra set of hands and half a mil in the bank to pay for all the year end extras and to attend all the important school/activity things.

    "Sorry, gotta blog tonight" just wasn't going to cut it for long.

  3. Heydave - catch up on your youtubes. search "Dean Martin" and "Bob Newhart"...the improvs those two did in the 60's are hilarious. Also Jonathan Winters.

    And D-Cup you are SO fraking not kidding. "Please send in your coffee money for a week so your child can paint a non-washable but ADORABLE (God I hate adorable) plate for you for Mother's Day!"

    And I'm about three unsigned permission slips short of a Dept. of Child Services visit.

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Harvesting peas now, the tomatoes are setting fruit, the peaches are thumb sized and the apple tree is in full bloom. Now when I talk to my wife about hummers, I'm pointing out the multi colored, iridescent birds.

    Ain't spring grand?


  5. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Good luck on your move, BG. Remember -- God, family, then country. If you've got a spare second, keep us posted on your Pilgrim's Progress over the Hill of Difficulty.

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Sounds like an excellent idea. Maybe this primary bullshit will be done when we come back in June? A girl can dream. and anonymous, where are you that the tomatoes are already bearing fruit? I just helped my brother plant a few tomato and pepper plants and I'm guessing we won't see a thing for about a month.

  7. Are you suggesting we actually get a life?

  8. What a great gig. Two weeks in and I get a month off!!!


  9. You know, I had been pondering the possibility of only posting optimistic, upbeat posts about all the things that are going right in the country all through the month of May.

    I think the output will be about the same as not posting.

  10. Except San Diego's second worst weather month is May. Only June is worse. So my blogging should peak in June and start to fall off in July when the weather finally starts to turn nice after the only two nasty months we have here.


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